41 samples of Spanish Slang Words for WOMAN

41 samples of Spanish Slang Words for WOMAN

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Spanish slang for woman could be the 5th suggestion that Bing provides you with whenever you key in the phrase “Spanish slang for” within the search package. In English plus in Spanish reference that is making “a girl” can start around a newborn baby as much as a ladies inside her twenties. Lets begin with the basic principles; listed below are two sets of fundamental Spanish terms which are more general and widely used every where:

1. Nena or nina: This is basically the many generic for “girl” and it may be usage for a child and teens. Instance:

Maria dio a luz una nina. / Maria dio a luz una nena. Maria provided delivery to a woman.

2. Muchacha or chica: a woman that is young in my experience in her own late teenagers and twenties. Example:

Las muchachas se reunieron en la universidad. / Las chicas se reunieron en la universidad. Girls came across during the college.

41 samples of Spanish Slang for woman

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Whenever revising listed here examples of Spanish slang for woman, you will see that some terms means significantly more than girl or teenager. The attractiveness of a young woman in some cases are the equivalent colloquial expressions for “chick” or highlight. In addition, a few of the terms are also used to relate to “a gf. ”

Therefore, by using the Diccionario de Americanismos and the talking Latino Spanish resource pages I became in a position to condense the following list:

1. Bicha: within the Dominican Republic is a phrase of endearment for litttle lady. Lees verder